The question anyone should ask when they start reading a blog is why. Why is this person writing this? (or perhaps the question is what — What is their intention? What do they get out of spending time writing these posts?) It may be that they are promoting their company or themselves. It may be they just want to share their perspective on the topic at hand. It may be that writing is their hobby.

My intent in writing this blog is primarily personal. Throughout the work day, I am researching topics or explaining items to the members of my teams. Likewise, my team members come across items or explain concepts to me. I think it will be useful if I captured some of these items in writing for my personal reference. Writing a post will help clarify my own thinking on a topic. By writing, I hope to improve my thinking on a variety of topics related to software testing, software quality and software development. The posts will primarily be on topics that I encounter at work. I find writing to often be a difficult exercise. My hope is that by writing on a consistent basis, my writing will improve and the ease of writing will improve. Finally, a presentation by James Bach spurred me to action. His video presentation at Google on “Becoming a Testing Expert” included a slide of advice which encouraged people to write.

I hope others will find value in what they read. If you find an item to be useful, than this exercise has been successful. Looking at my preliminary list of topics, I don’t think anything will be considered controversial. If something I write encourages people to discuss, then I have accomplished more than I hoped.

Working full time and being a Dad mean that this will not be updated daily. I am aiming for a weekly post. Whether that is realistic or not is yet to be seen.