I was at VMWorld last week. Unfortunately, my network connectivity was limited so I was unable to post my notes during the conference.

Keynotes – Mendel Rosenblum, Chief Scientist & Co-Founder, VMWare

Demo – Storage VMotion (future)

Demo – Virtual Appliance – streaming download of image "instant on" (future)

Demo – Continuous Availability (future)

VMWorld 2008 – Las Vegas (9/18 – 9/20)

Fault Analysis and Methodology

Mike Valley, Systems Engineer, VMWare

esxcfg-boot -q boot
Currently used ram disk

esxcfg-boot -q vmkmod
List configured modules

service mgmt-vmware restart
will restart service console, hostd

hostname – use FQDN, configure /etc/hosts

vmkping – use vmkernel to ping a device

No eth0 – use vswif
Use esxcfg-vswif for configuring network interface

Collecting log files – export diagnostic data via VI client or from start menu

vm-support -S -i 10 -d 600 – capture performance snapshots

-X shows mapping between internal ID and name of VM

Virtual Center
vpxd -S – dumps to console to see what is wrong

LM Tools – License manage tools

How to License MS Servers for Your Virtualized Environment

Eric Jewett, Lead Product Manager, Windows Server Marketing, Microsoft

This presentation focused on server products and not desktops. The reaction of the audience was downright hostile.

ISV Licensing in a Virtualized Environment

Amy Kanary, Research Director, Software Pricing & Delivery, IDC

Common Models:

  • Per system / # of servers (10% of worldwide revenue)
  • Capacity based licenses (per cpu, per core, etc.) (12% of worldwide revenue)
  • User based licenses (51% of worldwide revenue)


  • Require purchase of more software than needed
  • Restrict vertical deployment & mobility
  • Allow flexibility only for best customers

Innovative Approaches:

  • Move away from processor / core / socket
  • Subscription licenses
  • Value based metrics
  • Pay per use

Navigate Complexity

  • If possible, purchase via volume licenses (usually more flexibility)
  • Research via web
  • Work with channel partners / resllers
  • Tell ISV know how importance standardization is to you

Dr. Stephen Hess, BEA
Roman Bukary, SAP

VProbes: Diagnostics for Production Software

Keith Adams, Sr. Staff Engineer, VMWare
Robert Benson, Engineer, VMWare

Alex Migorodskiy, Technical Staff, VMWare

VProbes allow you to insert probes at various levels of architecture (App, Guest OS, VMM, etc)

Does not require a restart
Are "read only" – cannot change values

OS Independent
Currently pre-alphs

Define a script that ties into an event

Could be used to see root kits since it exists outside of the guest

VAssure: Write Your Own Bug Detectors Under VMWare Record and Playback

Min Xu
Dmitry Grinberg

Currently a research process

Since it uses record and playback (assertions execute during playback) it should not slowdown execution or impact the program


if (replay) {

VAssert SDK Methods: VAssert, VLog, VWatchPoint