Nicholas Zakas interviewed at Velocity 2010
Nicholas Zakas, Principal Front End Engineer, Yahoo!
2010 O’REILLY Velocity – Web Performance and Operations Conference
June 22 – 24, 2010
6 min, 26 sec

My Notes:

  • Yahoo home page reorg in 2009
    • Moved from static to interactive / customizable
  • Time to interactivity metric
    • Time between hitting enter on URL and can complete an interaction on a page
    • Sometimes even before the page has finished loading
    • Aim to minimize this time
  • Metrics we should avoid
    • Most are useful
    • Should not focus in on any one item
    • Focus will depend on the usage pattern of the page
  • Yahoo home page as an application framework
    • People think of it as a single page
    • Same framework is running home page around the world
    • Difference between building an application and an application framework