Marc Slocum interviews Ismail Elshareef
Ismail Elshareef, VP of Tech., Razorgator, Inc
2010 O’REILLY Velocity – Web Performance and Operations Conference
June 22 – 24, 2010
3 min, 43 sec

My Notes:

  • Biggest issues with ads and site performance
    • Network latency – no control over various assets retrieved
  • Expectation
  • No fair to expect site with advertising to perform as well as no advertising
  • Unless ad is served in an iframe
  • What can be done
    • Develop plan to minimize impact of 3rd party code on site
    • Work with CMS
    • Order items are loaded on the page
  • Single thing to improve ads and site performance
  • Get rid of document.write in javascript ad – allow site developer to have control of when to call loading of assets
  • Optimum ad slots: 2 should be enough