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SpringBoot : Spring Data JPA – One To Many & Join Query | Example | Java Techie

As I have mentioned before, I beginning to do some work with JPA. As such, I am watching a few videos to help expand upon what I have read.


This video covers exactly what it says in the title. While I do not see a way around it, a lot of these videos spend a good amount of time setting up the project. This video is no exception. The meet of the subject comes in the last third where you see how to create a join query and return object.

Spring Boot, MySQL, JPA, Hibernate Restful CRUD API Example | Java Techie

I am currently starting a project that will use Spring Boot and JPA. While I have used JPA a lot, I have never setup a project from scratch, so I am watching a bunch of Spring Boot and JPA tutorials.


This video barely meets my needs and only because I am already very familiar with Spring Boot and JPA. Only the first third is pertinent to JPA. The rest of the video is more about setting up the API.

One item I am not familiar with is Project Lombok. In the video, the Lombok data project is used for the getters and setters.