I was listening to Security Now 229: The Rational Rejection of Security Advice when there was a reference to site/conference that I found intriguing. The entire episode was based on a paper from the conference.

The site, www.nspw.org, is the companion to the "New Security Paradigms Workshop" events. The description of the workshop is what I find so fascinating:

The New Security Paradigms Workshop (NSPW) is an annual, small invitation-only workshop for researchers in information security and related disciplines. NSPW’s focus is on work that challenges the dominant approaches and perspectives in computer security. In the past, such challenges have taken the form of critiques of existing practice as well as novel, sometimes controversial, and often immature approaches to defending computer systems. By providing a forum for important security research that isn’t suitable for mainstream security venues, NSPW aims to foster paradigm shifts in information security.

It happens that all of the proceedings for the conference are available online. Well worth reviewing.