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Seven Levels of Continuous Integration –
31 May

Posted » Velocity 2010: Philip Tellis, "Latency: Why You Should Worry and What Up You Can Do About It"
30 May

How many jobs do Americans hold in a lifetime? [Infographic] –
27 May

Microsoft’s Key Findings from the 2010 Security Intelligence Report –
26 May

The Great Linux World Map
25 May

Tired of Playing Ping-Pong with Dev, QA and Ops? —
24 May

Eucalyptus to OpenRack – Ubuntu switches cloud software – Techworld
23 May

In Defense of Hard: When Easier Isn’t Better – Lifehacker
20 May

Marissa Mayer explains Google’s social strategy, skeptical on Facebook | VentureBeat
19 May

Finished reading _The War of Art_ about Steven Pressfield –
18 May

RT @jasonfbenton (Jason Benton) – "Quality is not the absence of defects in management’s eyes, but the presence of value in the consumer’s eyes." – Alan Weiss
17 May

How Social Media Creates a Rough Draft of History: Tech News and Analysis «
17 May

Finished reading _Learning JavaScript_ by Shelley Powers –
16 May

Top 10 Fixes for the Web’s Most Annoying Problems – Lifehacker
14 May

From the NSA – Best Practices for Keeping Your Home Network Secure –
10 May

Security lessons still lacking for computer science grads | Application security – InfoWorld
9 May

RT @QualityFrog (Ben Simo) – Quality is not an attribute. Quality is not a property. Quality is not a number. Quality is a relationship.
8 May

29 Ways to Stay Creative –
6 May

Finished reading _Behind the Cloud_ by Marc Benioff and Carlye Adler –
5 May

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft – Strong protection for weak passwords
4 May

Over 10bn Social Networking & Online World Accounts Created To Date |
3 May

Posted – Two Cross Site Scripting Cheat Sheets –
2 May

50% of Tweets Consumed Come From Only 0.05% of Twitter Users [STUDY] | Social Trust Agents « socialtrustagents
1 May