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RT RKHilbertSpace Q: How to generate a random string? A: Put a fresh student in front of vi and tell him to quit.
Wed Mar 30 2011 11:46:55 (Pacific Daylight Time)

"Most of you are familiar with the virtues of a programmer. There are three, of course: laziness, impatience, and hubris." – Larry Wall
Tue Mar 29 2011 07:56:57 (Pacific Daylight Time)

10 things I miss about old school Linux –
Fri Mar 25 2011 06:58:07 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Social media sites explained in terms of pee –
Thu Mar 24 2011 05:29:35 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Internet Explorer versions 1 through 9 compared, signs of progress found (video) –
Wed Mar 23 2011 08:12:20 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Posted – Tool – blindtextgenerator,com –
Tue Mar 22 2011 07:24:32 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Welcome David and Ricardo to the @conenza development team.
Mon Mar 21 2011 07:00:17 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Finished reading _Rework_ by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson – Recommended –
Fri Mar 18 2011 07:04:23 (Pacific Daylight Time)

Funny – The History of Twitter As Ken Burns Would Tell It –
Thu Mar 17 2011 06:57:39 (Pacific Daylight Time)

A Tangled Web of Shortened Links –
7:30 AM Mar 16th

I need to work on this – The Cult of Busy –
6:56 AM Mar 15th

Retro browser war: IE6 vs. Netscape in 2011 –
8:28 AM Mar 14th

Snooping on Social Networks to Vet Jurors and Hire Employees –
9:27 AM Mar 11th

Visualized: US smartphone market share, by manufacturer and platform, made pretty –
7:58 AM Mar 10th

10 Most Insightful Infographics About Internet –
7:56 AM Mar 9th

2010 In Movies, As Seen On Foursquare [Graphic] –
7:27 AM Mar 8th

Read _Core JAVA Interview Questions You’ll Most Likely Be Asked_ – – NOT recommended
7:46 AM Mar 7th

Microsoft It’s not often that we encourage you to stop using one of our products, but for #IE6, we’ll make an exception:
12:24 PM Mar 4th

Innovate Or Execute? –
7:53 AM Mar 4th

Conenza is looking for Community Manager #job
5:42 PM Mar 3rd

A Better Filing System for Public Speakers (and Writers) #Evernote –
7:38 AM Mar 3rd

Secure Erase Methods Probably Won’t Work on Your Solid-State Drive –
9:11 AM Mar 2nd

Encrypting Cookies in the Browser –
7:51 AM Mar 1st