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Jun 28
Finished reading – Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio –

Jun 21
What would you implement? – ACLU urges devs to safeguard users with anti-snooping measures –

Jun 18
RT @PerfBytes – We are here to help…well, at least Brian is. Any questions about performance you can send to him @AskPerfbytes. Please re-tweet if you feel motivated.

Jun 16
For me, code archeology applies to anything older than 6 months. Eric Raymond Shares ‘Code Archaeology’ Tips, Urges Bug-Hunts in Ancient Code –

Jun 9
Yep. Seems about right. –

Jun 6
Is this faith in the open source process or just jettisoning an expense in the name of open source? –

Jun 4
How Yelp (mostly) shut down its own data centers and moved to AWS – I find these real world case studies fascinating. –

Jun 3
It is so sad that I originally thought this would be a great theme because I read it as “text files” –