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Release quick, retire quick – Mozilla retires Firefox 4 from security support – Computerworld
30 Jun

Why Johnny can’t program — and how that can change | Application Development – InfoWorld
29 Jun

Research paper – A Generation of Software Patents by James Bessen :: SSRN
28 Jun

How to Become a Great Finisher – Heidi Grant Halvorson – Harvard Business Review
27 Jun

RT HackerChick – great advice RT @the99percent: Don’t Overthink It: 5 Tips for Daily Decision-Making
26 Jun

RT ASQ – Today’s Quality Quote: "A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved." – Anonymous
24 Jun

Looking forward to #barcampseattle this weekend.
24 Jun

Bacon Ipsum | A Meatier Lorem Ipsum Generator
23 Jun

Conenza named PSBJ WA’s Best Workplaces finalists revealed |
22 Jun

The Only Way to Get Important Things Done – Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review
21 Jun

Conenza in Seattle Business Magazines "The 100 Best Companies" –
20 Jun

5 Ways To Survive Your Inbox | Six Pixels of Separation – By Mitch Joel at Twist Image
17 Jun

Troy Hunt: A brief Sony password analysis
16 Jun

@dckismet Agreed – parameter substitution vulnerabilities should be a basic security check:
15 Jun

Do businesses practice ‘sloppy’ security, or is cyber crime on the rise? –
15 Jun

Do businesses practice ‘sloppy’ security, or is cyber crime on the rise? –
14 Jun

Don’t Believe Facebook; You Only Have 150 Friends : NPR
13 Jun

LinkedIn’s Big Trouble In Social China | Fast Company
10 Jun

Clouds Are Like Buses: Public Isn’t Always Better – Cloud Computing News
9 Jun

Cheap GPUs are rendering strong passwords useless | ZDNet
8 Jun

Will the Next Web Platform Please Hold Still?
7 Jun

Finished reading _The Clean Coder_ by Robert C. Martin –
6 Jun

Behold, the World’s Worst PowerPoint Slide – Gizmodo
3 Jun

Alaska Airlines ditches paper flight manuals for iPads — Engadget
2 Jun

Tim Berners-Lee calls for ‘sophisticated’ social network – IT News from
1 Jun