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RT Conenza – Social Recruiting Infographic via @jobvite
26 Jul

The Top 10 Things Leaders Should Hear From Their Teammates |
26 Jul

RT AlgebraFact – ‘Algebra is the metaphysics of arithmetic.’ — John Ray
22 Jul

RT charrett – Product Manager says to CIO "If we keep performing the same tests, we will find the same bugs" she was quoting me…#MakingADifference
22 Jul

How to make Awesome Diagrams for your slides
22 Jul

Selenium Smells – Liberal use of sleep –
21 Jul

How Standards Proliferate <grin> –
20 Jul

Do you use these strategies? – Troy Hunt: The science of password selection
19 Jul

Finished reading Scott Berkun’s _The Myths of Innovation_ –
18 Jul

30 Creative 404 Error Pages | Flash User
14 Jul

Very useful – Andrew Beacock’s Blog: Pretty printing Java classpaths using Ant’s pathconvert task
13 Jul

Zynga’s Road to Riches: From startup to IPO – Tech News and Analysis
12 Jul

Finished Reading _Java Generics and Collections_ –
11 Jul

US Govt. plant USB sticks in security study, two thirds take the bait – TNW Industry
8 Jul

Developer error: The most dangerous programming mistakes | Application Development – InfoWorld
7 Jul

How Japan’s data centers survived the earthquake | ITworld
6 Jul

Finished Reading – _Eat People: And Other Unapologetic Rules for Game-Changing Entrepreneurs_ by Andy Kessler –
5 Jul

Posted: Build Speed Up After Java Upgrade(?) –
4 Jul

Quality of Apps for Android Is "Pathetically Low" Says Developer – Technology Review
1 Jul