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Neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot will quote me wood by the cubit. How can I get my ark built otherwise?
Jul 31, 2010

Managing a really remote data center –
Jul 30, 2010

Are Bug Sprints a Scrum Best Practice or a Scrum Anti-Pattern? –
Jul 29, 2010

New Linux OS REMnux Designed For Reverse Engineering Malware –
Jul 28, 2010

WD-40 Goes Retro –
Jul 26, 2010

Good article – I use Evernote instead – Use a Daily Log to Keep Yourself Focused on Productivity –
Jul 24, 2010

"The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." – Mark Russell
Jul 17, 2010

RT @testinggeek: Adressing ‘pesticide paradox’ in auotmation by introducing some randomisation.
Jul 13, 2010

Startup Software Quality –
Jul 12, 2010

RT @java: How to be a worse programmer – Any additions to the list?
Jul 9, 2010

RT @garrettgillas: Drinking Its Own Champagne – Amazon Moves Its Own Enterprise to the Cloud
Jul 7, 2010

SW Eng Radio: Episode 164: Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin –
Jul 6, 2010

Or company name – oh wait it is everywhere:* RT @mfeathers: Fact of life: Nvr put the name of your prod. in names in your code.
Jul 4, 2010

RT @SeleniumExample: Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Selenium
Jul 2, 2010

GTAC 2010 Keynote Speakers –
Jul 2, 2010

RT @AutomatedTester: Thanks to @erwandf we appear to have hit the minimum requirements for Selenium StackExchange Proposal. WOOOHOOO
Jul 2, 2010

Why engineers don’t like Twitter –
Jul 1, 2010