I review a lot of resumes. In the majority of the cases there is a web site mentioned on the resume. I don’t look at the website unless I am going to interview the person (phone or in person). In most cases, the website has not been updated for quite some time and I wonder why the person included it on their resume. In some cases, the web site is of a strictly personal nature and once again I wonder why they want a propspective employer to look at it. Then there are the cases where the website is relevant to the person’s professional interests and is current.

One of these resume/websites came across my desk recently. It was a rather plain looking site but had good, relevant content. The person stated clearly his belief in web standards. He even included the W3C button that allows the pages HTML to be validated against whatever HTML version is specified in the DOCTYPE tag. I click on the button – the page fails validation. Not a good impression to set with a prospective employer.

Hint to job seekers – If you have a HTML validation link on a page, make sure the page passes validation.