I am in the process of watching the videos from the GTAC (Google Test Automation Conference) held in Seattle in October 2003. This post contains my notes for the presentation Taming the Beast – How to Test an AJAX Application (1 hour 1 minute) by Markus Clermont & John Thomas held on October 23, 2008.

I am not recommending spending time watching this video. The presentation is not bad. However, it does not translate well to video. There is a lot of interaction with the audience – which is great when you are present at the presentation. However, in the video the audience cannot be heard and the presenters do not repeat many of the questions / responses. In addition, the talk is misnamed. While an AJAX application is used as the example throughout the application, most of the talk is not about how to test an AJAX application. The talk is a good discussion of how to tame automation – automation of any application.

Here are the slide titles:

  • AJAX: A Different Beast
  • An Example GWT Application – (GWT = Taming the Beast – How to Test an AJAX Application)
  • Some Statistics – (At this point there are questions to the audience regarding their automated testing experience.)
  • System Architecture
  • Small Medium Large – (Essentially how much of the application is under test)
  • Testing Layer Pairs
  • Are we done?
  • Comparison
  • Conclusion