I commute by bus. I have been doing this for over 9 years. Every work day, I have time set aside where I can read, listen to podcasts, unwind, etc. However, over the last few years, the amount of test (and more generally – technical) literature I can read on the bus has declined. Some have simply gone away (Software Development). Others have converted to an online only presence (InfoWorld). Some no longer provide paper editions to those subscribers who receive copies based on professional qualifications (Better Software). In addition, more and more of the test related content is only available in blogs or other online forums.

Overall, I like online content. It is easier to find items at a later time. Unfortunately, I find that I do not read as carefully/thoroughly when I read something online. I am now purposely trying to read professional development material online with more focus — but it is an effort. Who knows what other changes are ahead of us.