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@Delta currently on my way to New Orleans via Memphis for my 20 th wedding anniversary
27 Dec

Plastic SCM blog: The version control timeline
23 Dec

Cisco says 70% of young workers ignore IT rules – Puget Sound Business Journal
22 Dec

Facebook Is Making Us Miserable
21 Dec

GPL, copyleft use declining faster than ever | ITworld
20 Dec

Java To Be Removed from Ubuntu, Uninstalled from User Machines
19 Dec

Posted to – Software Testing: Five Trends Affecting Testing – Five Years Later –
18 Dec

Posted to – TWiST #75 – A Five-Part Testing Meal, Part II –
18 Dec

Visualizing a Year of Extreme Weather | Surprising Science
16 Dec

Teens and the cruel world of social networking |
15 Dec

The Done Manifesto Lays Out 13 Ground Rules for Getting to Done
14 Dec

Even Calvin and Hobbes Joined the #OccupyFrontLawn Movement
13 Dec

My son matches this – Elderly driving longer than ever, young starting to drive later than ever?
12 Dec

Posted to – TWiST #74 – A Five-Part Testing Meal, Part I –
10 Dec

Matches my experience: Truth about test plan document & test case document
9 Dec

10 Proven Strategies of High-Performance Teams [INFOGRAPHIC] –
8 Dec

What should I change?-If You’re Busy, You’re Doing Something Wrong: The Surprisingly Relaxed Lives of Elite Achievers –
7 Dec

DARPA’s Almost-Impossible Challenge to Reconstruct Shredded Documents: Solved
6 Dec

Posted to – TWiST #73 – Live from STPCon –
5 Dec

Chrome Usage Surpasses Firefox for the First Time
5 Dec

‘Brick’ breaker: Lego bible too racy for Sam’s Club –
4 Dec

Separating Fact from Hype on Mobile Malware –
2 Dec

Is anyone surprised? – Lying is more common when we email –
1 Dec