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New Job at Conenza, Looking to Hire

I have not posted for awhile. This is partially due to laziness. It is also due to me wrapping up my time at SiteScout. I found a new position at Conenza as Director of Product Development. I am excited about the company, the people, the product, the customers and the potential embodied in Conenza’s vision. During my search, I came across one of my new co-worker’s blog, Savan Kong – Seattle Startup Life. In his March 13, 2008 post, Savan describes life at Conenza. I have found what he said to be true.

We are looking to hire more people. See the Conenza Career Opportunities page for details. In particular, I am looking for a QA Engineer (or perhaps a lead). Please let me know if you are interested. We are also looking for Web & Middle Tier Architects, Senior Software Engineers, System Engineers and Product Managers.