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Michael E. Ensminger is Senior Vice President – Engineering, North America at PeoplePath. PeoplePath is the result of the combination of Conenza and IntraWorlds in 2020. Having started at Conenza in 2008, he served as Chief Technology Officer until the combination of the companies.

Here is his bio from the old Conenza web site:

Michael Ensminger brings extensive engineering management experience to Conenza having managed engineering teams and developed processes to produce high-quality web applications, desktop applications, enterprise and data products. These products span the graphic arts, retail banking, financial reporting, web communities, telecommunications and web security industries. Before joining Conenza, Ensminger was Director of Product Development at Varolii for over 6 years developing and scaling the multi-tenant based platform to handle over 4 million phone calls a day.

An early web community entrepreneur, Ensminger was a founding employee of eSociety whose mission was to develop web communities around trade organizations. Ensminger holds a BS in Mathematics from Loyola University, New Orleans and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. Ensminger holds a patent related to his work at Varolii.

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